EzCAP116 USB 2.0 Video Capture Support

I see you are based in the UK. I live in a different county, can you ship to me?
Yes we can. We regularly ship to Europe, Brazil, Australia and many other countries. There is a flat rate postage fee of £6.50. We send your goods 1st class, international air mail.

Delivery times:
UK: 48-72hrs
Europe: 4-5 working days
Rest of world: 8-10 working days

We also hold stock in the USA. Please go here.

I already have one but just upgraded to windows 7/8. Where can I get the drivers?
You can get them herePlease note: If you do not have an ezcap116 model, the drivers will not work

Everything is connected but there is no picture in Arcsoft?
Most scart to rca leads you will see for sale, work by submitting a signal from rca to scart. This is no good. You need to ensure the lead is "scart out", (The signal is going from scart to rca). We recommend you get a "switchable scart to 3 x phono" lead and set the little switch to "out". If you already have leads but you are not getting a picture on the Arcsoft program, it is because they are working in the wrong direction.

My games are in black and white. / How to capture PAL 60 in colour using ezcap?
Make sure your ezcap116 is connected to your games console. Open Arcsoft ShowBiz DVD, select "capture" at the top, then select "device settings". Now select NTSC_433 and click on "apply "

I don't have this setting / I have this setting but it is still in black and white?
You've bought a fake. As we said previously, you get what you pay for.

I need the drivers again and I can't find my Installation disc?
Below is the latest drivers.
EZCAP116 Windows 7/8 Drivers

The sound is distorted using ezcap
Take a look here:

My Arcsoft Showbiz 3.5 installation disc is damaged. Do you have a copy?
Yes, you can get it here .... Use the serial that is on your cd sleeve

I've just bought an easycap and .........
We'll stop you right there. Due to piracy, the company have changed their name from easycap to ezcap„¢. If you have just purchased a new easycap, You have bought a fake. You get what you pay for. Below is some of the most popular "easycap" questions we are asked.

I just bought an easycap and it came with ulead video. Why does it not come with Arcsoft software?
You have bought a fake.

I just bought an easycap and it came with ulead video 8.0. Why does it not work on Vista / Windows 7?
You have bought a fake.

I just bought an easycap. Why does it not work on XP 64 bit or Vista 64 bit?
You have bought a fake.

They all work on different codecs and chipsets. There is no point in buying a fake and downloading drivers from here hoping to resolve your problems. It won't happen. Save your money.


My question hasn't been answered here
Take a look at the ezcap forum. We have posted lots hints and tips there..


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