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EzCAP vhs/camcorder to dvd / Sound and video preview, but won't record video
« Last post by Digi on September 20, 2016, 05:32:42 PM »
Hi Guys,
A while ago I bought one of your products (EzGrabber) from Amazon UK. I bought the Mac version and most of the very few times I used it, it worked fine, but would sometimes show a light green screen with no video preview, but did have the video's  sound. I rebooted the Mac, unplugged the leads and re-connected and it mostly worked fine.
I've sold the Mac and now need to use it with a new Windows 10 laptop. I've downloaded Windows drivers from this support forum and connected it - as I did with the Mac - via the supplied, switchable scart connector and composite leads.
I've tried using NCH Debut. The device shows as USB 2861 device, but then states there is no video device connected.
I've tried a trial version of Nero. This shows as USB 2861 device, but captures neither video no sound.
I've had a copy of Serif's MoviePlus X6 for a while. This provides a video preview and sound. When I finish recording, I find that the 'video file' is only a few KB in size and contains no video at all.
Do I have the wrong drivers, the wrong set-up or has something else gone wrong?
EzCAP To Other Devices / ezcap to CCTV camrea
« Last post by ned1 on August 14, 2016, 06:57:59 PM »
Hi all,
Been running the ezcap to get the CCTV camera picture into my pc via a USB for some time now.
Have replaced the camera and up-graded my pc (64 bit) which is running windows 10.
What I would like to know is will the ezcap run on USB 3, the reason I ask is that when I looked into this
it came up that it was an old device and may not be compatible with USB3.
My software sees the camera but no picture shows as light coloured black & white lines.
I would be grateful for any help.

ps The camera is a 1200TVL SonyCMOS
That might be the unit. It could be faulty. I will pm you Videoglide for MAC to try.
I bought an EzCap 116 device a few weeks back and have been baffled trying to get it all set up for my son. He has a windows laptop and I managed to get some software called DEBUT to work with it as the Arcsoft software kept crashing. The problem he finds is that it will only make a recording that lasts 4 minutes before the software freezes. I have since tried to use the EzCap 116 on my MAC but although the software has installed fine when I connect the 116 device it cant see it. Is there some specific drivers that I need to install on my mac and if so can someone please point me in the right direction. Also, has anyone ever had an issue on a PC where the recording software (namely DEBUT) stops after 4 minutes ?

I would be happy to try any other software but please note my MAC runs on "El Capitan"

Cheers Natt
General Help / Re: Windows 10 question
« Last post by admin on August 11, 2016, 06:59:47 PM »
Not seen this before. Perhaps the disc is corrup.
Uninstall, reboot and download a version we know is good on the link below.

Use the serial number you have.
General Help / Windows 10 question
« Last post by big mean bunny on August 08, 2016, 12:50:14 PM »

I have just moved from mac to windows 10. Tried to get my ezcap 116 working and having a few issues. I used the installed disc for the driver and show biz and it all seemed to install fine and the programs loads and shows the footage from the ezcap, however as soon as I hit capture it hangs and windows pops up a message about needing to close the program.

Are there any steps I may have missed or that I used try? Not that familar with Arcsoft as used Videoglide previously for all my capturing.


EzCAP vhs/camcorder to dvd / Re: Driver in Windows 10 64 bit
« Last post by dewster85 on July 15, 2016, 06:50:00 PM »
Yes, I have never messed with that setting (NTSC_M or NTSC_m_j, etc) before, and when I changed it, it somehow started working.  I have no clue how. 

The original poster has not responded to this thread, I am sorry I hijacked it.  Thank you for your patience with a freaked out me.  I am doing better now haha.
EzCAP vhs/camcorder to dvd / Re: Driver in Windows 10 64 bit
« Last post by admin on July 14, 2016, 07:12:16 PM »
I see from the other thread you have started you now have it working in Win 10. Is this correct?
EzCAP vhs/camcorder to dvd / Re: Driver in Windows 10 64 bit
« Last post by admin on July 14, 2016, 07:08:09 PM »
There normally is not an issue with Windows 10. It is the same drivers.

When you say "mess up on win10"....
Was it working for you and then stopped?
General Help / Re: Does it work with Windows 10?
« Last post by dewster85 on July 14, 2016, 09:51:54 AM »
Another update--after working well in the Windows 7 computer, I changed the decoding to NTSC_m_j, and it seems to work just fine now.  If anybody has any explanation as to why that is like that, cool.  I like to know as much as possible and am usually a good troubleshooter, but EzCap has always been a tough cookie for me.  Thank you all for your time and I am sorry if I have been a bother.
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